Out of Storage Space in Your Bedroom? Tr

Out of Storage Space in Your Bedroom? Try These Tricks (edit/delete)

Buzz From The Boards: Bedroom Storage Tricks

By: Cayla Rasi Photo: Mark Lund
Photo: Mark Lund
Guilty of pushing things under your bed? There’s no shame in using that extra space to store things you don’t need access to every day. But what’s the best way to do it? Nesties reveal top tricks:

“We used to only use plastic bins, but I bought a few space bags a few months back and love them. We still use both though – the plastic bins are good for things you access often, then space bags are best for things you only need to access every few months – seasonal clothing, extra bedding, etc.” – irlndsumer

“Aside from getting rid of clothing and shoes you don’t use, you could also buy those under bed roller bins for stuff.” – MommyLiberty5013

“I have some plastic tubs that are made for under the bed. I also have some of the space saver bags that I have my sweaters in.” – sierramist_03

“You could go the regular route of plastic bins; there is also the DIY project of using old dresser drawers and putting wheels on them. You could leave them be or paint them.” –June24Bride

“You could also use a plastic storage box with a lid. Like Rubbermaid brand kinds. They make thin ones that can slide under beds … Then you would have a lid to keep dust and dirt out” – cet6907

“I have an under the bed shoe organizer that I put out of season shoes in and in the summer I have a fabric bucket thing I throw flip-flops in.” – daisyterp

“I have under bed boxes – one for paper and bags, and another for ribbon. Then I just slide the boxes out and wrap on the floor beside the bed. My holiday and non-holiday/birthday papers/ribbons are mixed. If I had another bed to slide stuff under I would probably put holiday in the guest room and regular in our room, or something like that.” – Mystery2B

“Due to space constraints, I use space bags to store extra blankets and comforters. The most often used ones go under our bed in one of those under bed storage containers. The rest get stored in a space bag in the hallway closet.” – LeoChic http://ow.ly/nKain


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