Never Ignore Product Recalls The U.S. Co

Never Ignore Product Recalls

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) was created in 1972 to regulate the sale and manufacture of more than 1,500 consumer products, most of them household products.

The regulatory power stems from the need to keep products safe and prevent them from injuring and killing consumers.

A primary CPSC tool is the recall. A recall requires the manufacturer to remove the danger from the marketplace and reimburse the consumer the full cost.

Since 1972, the agency has recalled more than 110 million household goods.

If you don’t heed CPSC recalls and bans, you leave yourself and your household open to the dangers the CPSC is trying to help you avoid.

Unfortunately, that’s just what 50 percent of all households in the U.S. do – keep a recalled product in their home.

Every year deaths, injuries and property damage from recalled products cost the US more than $700 billion.

For example, one child is injured every 30 minutes by a falling TV, furniture or appliance. an online portal for do-it-yourselfers offers an infographic to reveal why it’s important not to ignore CPSC recalls and bans.

• There were 38,573,000 consumer product-related injuries that required medical attention in 2010.

• There are 114 deaths every year associated with nursery products for kids younger than five.

• More than 15 million appliance units have been recalled in the past five years for defects that could cause a fire.

That’s just for starters.

Mouse over the click the infographic below for more details.


Written by Broderick Perkins
August 29, 2013


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