93 Year Old Tampa Bay Woman Wins Powerlifting Medal

What an amazing story! At 93 years old Edith Traina, the oldest competitor in the 2014 Polk Senior Games performed her 135lb Gold Medal Winning Dead lift.

Original article below is from BayNews9 –

Woman wins powerlifting medal at 93 years old

A Bay area powerlifter is turning heads at the gym.

Edith Traina is pumping iron at 93 years old. She won a gold medal after competing recently in the senior games of Hillsborough County.

Traina said she loves the attention, but it’s really no big deal.

“I always get a big round of applause,” Traina said. “Everybody thinks its amazing and truthfully I don’t. I do not think there’s anything amazing about it.”

Traina started powerlifting two years ago. Her friend, 73-year-old Carmen Gutwirth, convinced her to take it on.

“I said, ‘do you want to do powerlifting?’ She said, ‘not especially, no,'” Gutwirth said.

Traina agreed.

“I was inclined like a lot of other people to say — 91, why would I want to do that,” Traina said.

Now, the sport helps Traina stay energetic and focused. Traina added it’s also great for her ego.

“Powerlifting, I discovered all I need to do is go to the bar, do a lift, I get all the applause, I take a bow and I go off the stage,” she laughed.

Traina just hopes other women her age will give the sport a try. She said she really wants some competition.

We at John Soliman & Associates salute Ms. Edith Traina and were inspired by her drive for life!

Photo Credit to CrossFit Fenrir

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