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What’s Your New Years Day Tradition?

It’s the first day of the New Year! This is the day many start their New Years Resolutions, a day many people see as a new beginning to forget the past and making a clean start. January 1st is also full of traditions, food being one of the biggest. What most people hope for as they sit down for a New Year’s meal, it seems, is happiness, health and wealth. Here in the Tampa Bay area we can’t claim souther style black-eyed peas as ours but what are the foods you eat each January 1st as your tradition? If your family celebrated as we did you walked into your grandparents house with the horrible aroma of sauerkraut, a pot of black-eyed peas, and you can’t forget the mashed potatoes.

Foods that top the charts for the luckiest New Year’s foods:
Supposedly greens are eaten on New Year’s Eve because they represent dollar bills and guarantee a prosperous year.

Black-eyed Peas
Two Southern classics beans, like greens, resemble money as they symbolize coins.

“Peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold,” goes an old Southern saying.

Noodles and Grains
Noodles are symbols of long life, and grains like rice, quinoa, and barley stand for abundance.

Popular fruits to eat include the pomegranates, with its many seeds standing in for prosperity, and figs, which are a symbol of fertility.

Pigs are a lucky symbol because they root forward. Traditionally, in Southern culture, pork, beans, and greens are combined in a dish called Hoppin’ John. “Skippin’ Jenny,” as the leftovers are known the day after New Year’s, shows one’s frugality; eating it increases your chances of prosperity.

Fish are believed to be lucky because their scales resemble coins, and they swim in schools which invoke the idea of abundance.

Cornbread, which some say symbolizes gold, completes the Southern New Year’s triad.
Whatever your family tradition, John Soliman & Associates of HomeXpress Realty, Inc wishes everyday of the New Year be filled with success, happiness, & prosperity to you!
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Happy New Year from John Soliman and Associates of HomeXpress Realty Inc.
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