Cold Air Mass Making It’s Way Into Tampa Bay Area

Cold Air Mass Making It’s Way Into Tampa Bay AreaFlorida Winter - John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc

The Sunshine State isn’t use to cold weather, here in the Tampa Bay we enjoy 361 days of sunshine per year, with an average temperature of 73 degrees. Enjoy a combination of bright sunny days tempered by gentle bay breezes. In the spring and fall, the days are pleasantly warm, while the evenings can be a bit cooler (cited: Visit Tampa Bay). That’s the whole reason, no wait, the ONLY reason most people moved to the Tampa Bay area, the warm weather!

Temperatures in and around Tampa Bay according to Bay News 9 – Click here for Current Temps

Tampa Bay – By Month Temperatures:
John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc - Unlock Tampa Bay Weather

But, according to Bay News 9 meteorologist Juli Marquez, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in parts of the Bay area by Thursday morning. They’ll be lower in the north counties.

A wind chill advisory has been issued for every Bay area county. A wind chill of 15-25 degrees is expected in the Bay area’s northern counties and 25-35 degrees in the immediate Bay area.

Officials are warning people who go outside during the overnight hours to dress in several warm layers and limit how much skin is exposed to the wind. In addition, pets should not be left outside during the cold weather, as the low temperatures combined with strong winds can produce dangerous wind chills.

A gale warning has been issued for the Gulf of Mexico waters, effective Wednesday at 7 p.m. through Thursday morning. Seas will be building to 7 to 9 feet and winds are likely to be 34-47 knots (39-54 mph) during that time. Also, there is a small craft advisory for Tampa Bay.

John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc - Florida Cold Weather Outlook

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On Friday it will warm back up to the 70’s, if that sounds like the perfect weather to you and your looking to move to the Tampa Bay area you can view homes at www.TampaHomeExplorer.com

Information cited from: Visit Tampa Bay Bay News 9

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