Tampa Bay Weathers The Cold

Not sure if you have quiet noticed, but… it’s cold! Jumped in the car this morning scrambling to push the seat warmer before the frost got to my… never mind, it was to late. Looked at the temperature display after letting out a “BUUUURRRRRR” to find it reading a number that was quiet foreign to us here in the Tampa Bay, 36 degrees.Tampa Bay Sets Freezing Records - John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc

Go ahead Northerner’s scoff at us Floridians! If you do, then we say… keep shoveling that snow! The Tampa Bay area weathered through the cold for the past few days, last night being the coldest with some areas hitting record lows below freezing. But the Sunshine State is known for just that, Sunshine! We just aren’t use to these temperatures. We enjoy our warm winters, reason why there is such a thing called a snow bird.

The last time meteorologists registered such a chill at Tampa International Airport? Jan. 13, 2011, said  Bay News 9 meteorologist Juli Marquez. Marquez said. It was 31 degrees.

As of 5 a.m. Friday, Lakeland had broken their record for cold temperatures, coming in at 32 degrees. Tampa broke their record too, and dropped to 34- one degree lower than the record temp from 1960, per Tampa’s Fox 13.

Photo Credit to Bay News 9 - Strawberry Crops Okay after Freeze

Photo Credit to Bay News 9 – Strawberry Crops Okay after Freeze

But the silver lining in all this, the Strawberries are OK! The freezing temperatures did not harm crops at Plant City’s family-owned and operated, Wish Farms, one of the largest Florida strawberry growers. Same reports from other strawberry farmers across eastern Hillsborough County. Another plus, cold weather makes the strawberries sweeter. Which is great news and just in time for the Florida Strawberry Festival, in Plant City.

The Florida Strawberry Festival, runs Thursday, February 26, 2015 through Sunday, March 8, 2015.  11 days festival of family-fun activities including fair rides, food, performances by some big name bands – and don’t forget the strawberries!
Not to rub it in, but this weekend the Tampa Bay area temperatures will be back up into the high 70’s. Which will make the record amount of 30,300 runner’s participating in this years Gasparilla Distance Classic much happier. It’s great running weather!

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