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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tampa Bay!

Happy St Patricks Day - John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty inc

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tampa Bay! Are you wearing everything green that you possibly own? Are you wearing your beads that you grabbed at the Rough Riders St. Patrick’s Parade? Are you going to have green beer at lunch or maybe meet friends later tonight for corned beef and cabbage?

Our thought was maybe a few people might not know why they even do the traditional things that they do on St. Patrick’s Day. Why do you wear green? Why green beer? Who was St. Patrick? And other questions, we wanted to help supply you with the information we found.

Who is Saint Patrick?
He is the patron saint of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century, he was kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. He was able to escape and go back to his family, but later returned to Ireland as a missionary to convert people of Ireland to Christianity.

Find out the story of St Patrick, this video helps explain:

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 3.21.25 PMWhy Shamrocks?
The symbol of the shamrock used for St. Patrick’s Day comes from the story of St. Patrick using the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity, which is said to have aided St Patrick in his missionary efforts. The three-leafed plant coincided with the Pagan religion’s sanctity of the number three and is the root of the green color theme.

Wearing of the Green?
Ireland is often known as the Emerald Isle, because of the countries lush green fields and hillsides. The Irish flag contains a green field, representing the Catholic roots of the country as well as its physical landscape. Because St. Patrick’s Day takes place in March, on the cusp of spring, green also takes on a more general aspect of growth and rebirth. For all of these reasons, wearing green has become synonymous with celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. (cited by

History and Celebration of St Patrick’s Day?
St Patrick’s day is a cultural and religious celebration held on 17 March, honoring the Irish patron saint, it is also the traditional death date of St. Patrick. It was actually Irish emigrants, that came to the United States who transformed what St. Patrick’s Day is today. The first celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in America  was in 1737, in the city of Boston, and was largely to honor the Irish culture. St. Patrick’s Day parades started in New York in 1762 by a group of Irish soldiers in the British military who marched down Broadway. This began the tradition of a military theme in the parade.

Rivers Run Green?
It has became tradition of most cities to color their rivers green to mark the start or day of the St Patrick’s celebration. Tampa Bay started the celebration this past Saturday with the Mayor Bob Buckhorn dying a portion of the Hillsborough River during the 4th Annual Mayors River O’Green Fest. Tampa uses 250 pounds of an orange powder called “Bright John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty IncDyes,” Ali Glisson, a spokeswoman for the city told USA TODAY Network. “We use it to trace leaks, but it’s also been used in large scale search and rescue missions,” she said.  The White House fountain on the south lawn is also dyed green for the holiday celebration.

Green Beer?
More than likely the tradition of green beer started with the Irish tradition of dropping a clover in one’s drink then drinking it all down for good luck. St. Patrick’s Day in 1914 at a Bronx social club is where the first beer being turned green occurred! True traditional Irish won’t drink it, they say it taints the beer.

Being Pinched & Leprechauns?
Not wearing green? Better watch out, the Leprechauns will pinch you, so the story goes. Legends say the wearing of green deters the mischief Leprechauns. But, since there are no real Leprechauns, it usually was your brother or sister or even a co-worker doing the pinching.  Don’t accidentally pinch someone that is wearing greet… it gives the “pinch” the right to pinch back!

However you are celebrating today, John Soliman and Associates of HomeXpress Realty Inc., wish you a safe and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Tampa Bay
from John Soliman and Associates!

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