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Happy National No Housework Day

We all live for the weekend, we all look forward to a break from work, commuting, and being a taxi cab for the kids. The weekend is a time finally time let loose, catch up on that laundry pile that is pushing it’s way through the closet door, and we get so excited that we get to clean the house. Says no one in the world! Okay, we all dread cleaning the house. There just isn’t time in the day for everything… and if there was a 25th hour, you know you would totally have an excuse on why you couldn’t clean.

That’s why today is a day to celebrate, today is Happy National No Housework Day! No excuses, put that house work and cleaning off for today. It’s one national “holiday” that insist that you put down those cleaning supplies and just kick back and relax. Housework Cant Kill You But Why Take a Chance - John Soliman and Associates

It’s for your health! Doctors and health experts say that it is essential for people with busy lifestyles to factor in time to relax. Relaxation can lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce headaches, and improve concentration.

A 2008 study conducted at the University of Michigan found that the average married American woman does 17 hours of housework per week!

So, relax. Take a long over due mini vaca for yourself. And just say NO to housework!

Oh, did we mention that National No Housework Day coincides with National Beer Day?

Just Say No To Housework on National No Housework Day - John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc

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National No Housework Day April 7 2015 - John Soliman and Associates HomeXpress Realty Inc

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