Happy Father’s Day Tampa Bay

To all the Father’s who have ever said…

You Make A Better Door Than A Window!

I will turn this car around!

If she jumps off a bridge ARE you going to jump off too?

Keep your eyes on the ball!

When YOU pay the rent YOU can make the rules

When I was your age…

Father knows BEST

Do you think that money grows on Trees?

Stop making that face or it’ll get stuck that way!

Go ask your Mother…

Because I’m the DAD!

It builds character

You don’t know what hard work is…

Were you raised in a barn?

Close the door we can’t cool the outdoors, do you know how much it costs to run the a/c?!

Don’t just stand there with the refrigerator wide open!

Turn that music DOWN!

You call that music?!

Thanks for being a great Dad!  

Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads in Tampa Bay! 

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